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Rigid Comb Loom also called Southern Loom for weaving items up to 50 cms wide.

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Rigid Comb benchtop loom also called Sureño Loom for knitting items up to 50 cm wide. Suitable for knitting items such as scarves, rugs, towels, cushions, small carpets, etc.
Includes NEW 50 cm ALUMINUM comb. with 3-wire/cm density.

2 45 cm STICK SHUTTLES are also included.


Loom length: 77 cms
Loom width: 62 cms
High loom: 15 cms
Weight: 2,400 kgs approx.
Width Max Fabric: 50 cms

Additional information

Weight 2,400 kg
Dimensions 77 x 62 x 15 cm

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