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maria tabletop loom

table looms

Available in different heddles widths The best way to start weaving.

manual loom for knitting tape or bracelet

other looms

Inkle looms for weaving warp ribbons, adjustable squares, frames...

naveta for yarn and weaving in maria loom

accessories and complements

Stick Shuttles, wraping frames, heddle hook, wooden bobbin...

Manual table looms are easy to prepare and use. At Telart we are dedicated to the manufacture and sale of handmade looms   and rigid heddle loom also called   Maria Loom to weave different types of projects. It is a table loom where learning to weave becomes a simple task and the results will surprise you. The warp will pass through the rigid heddle through the holes (even threads) and slots (odd threads).RIGID HEDDLE Here the same heddle is responsible for forming the pick (up or down) and tackling the last stroke against the fabric. It is a good loom with which to start and learn how to weave in traditional loom. In addition with the manual table loom   we can get beautiful fabrics combining different colors in weft and warp.
  weft threads passing through the puff of a maria rigid heddle loom    

On the other hand in our sections you will find other types of looms. Looms or frames with which to knit tapestries. Inkle looms for weaving ribbons by warp. You will also find custom adjustable rectangular and framed looms.

naveta over maria loom 120 with brown weft

We also offer you different accessories and accessories that will help you in the processes and work that you are going to perform. For example warpers and paddles, pallets of different sizes, combs for Maria looms, coils and tapestry needles. Also as a complement you will find in this section, the floor support of the manual looms and maria loom.

Why not weave your own fabrics? We want to make it easy for you. If you doubt what type of loom suits you (Maria loom, or an inkle loom for example weaving tapes, or a square or triangular frame), we will be at your disposal without any commitment to offer you the information about which type of loom is best for you.

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